Happy News Sept-Oct 2018


The Halloween Party fundraising event was a huge hit! It was incredible to see all the students AND parents joining in the Halloween spirit with their festive costumes! Thank you to everyone who attended and a MAJOR thank you to the volunteers who have worked tirelessly for weeks, planning and executing on a wonderful family event. Another massive show of gratitude to our local rock band, who donated their time and talent and all of the Masco students that helped with the decorations and games! Thank you!!!

The clown, the trick or treating, the Jack-o-lantern contest, the dj, the games in the gym, the band, the “Where’s Waldo?” game – we truly hope everyone enjoyed all of the festivities and are looking forward to our next event in December – the Pancake Breakfast!


Disability. Ability. Goals. Struggle. Doubt. Achievement. Confidence. Encouragement. On Oct. 9, Molly Sullivan-Sliney spoke to our Third-Graders during Team Time about her experience as an Olympic athlete in Fencing, and about the challenges she faced growing up with dyslexia. Ask a third-grader what he or she pictured when Molly described the Opening Ceremonies, or what the Fire Chief drew around Molly’s name before he became her fencing coach.


Trust. Cooperation. Problem-Solving. Teamwork. Reliance. Responsibility. Challenge by Choice. Laughter and Fun Together in the Fresh Air. “I’ve got you.” “We’ve got this.” This is Project Adventure. What an amazing time our sixth graders had! Many thanks to our Sixth-Grade Activities volunteers who helped to facilitate this experience for the kids, and to the Spofford Pond teachers and staff for continuing to offer this field trip. What a powerful start to their year! Ask a sixth-grader what was most challenging or fun, and how it will impact the rapport among sixth-graders this year.


Your generous donation made it possible for each student at Spofford Pond School to keep his/her very own art journal! These special books will be used to draft ideas, to express ourselves creatively, and to keep a record of our yearly projects. As the school year gets started, students have been busy designing their covers. Your generous contribution is so very appreciated! –Art Teacher Mrs. Winchell

Thank you so very much for the wobble stools and the class set of books titled Sophia’s War.  We love our new seating and can’t wait for our novel study unit using the books.  You are a very generous and kind PTO! –Fifth-Grade Teacher Mrs. Valzania

Last spring, classroom and specialist teachers from Cole and Spofford applied individually and as teams for the Teacher Wishes program. Each year, the PTO grants wishes that enhance the education of Boxford students. We were able to grant these wishes due to your generosity, since the program is funded entirely by parent support of the PTO.

This year wishes were granted across all grades and each student will benefit from them. Some wishes will be used up this year, such as Scholastic subscriptions and classroom supplies while others such as wobble stools and cushions will benefit students for many years to come. Alternative seating in particular has been a major hit with students and teachers. Thank you all so very much. We are grateful for the support that benefits our students.


Openness. Developing One’s Identity. Interpersonal Skills. Attitude. Peer Pressure. Self Esteem. Mime Scot Cannon performed during the Sixth-Grade Team-Time on Sept. 28. After a silent mime show accompanied by original recorded music and narration, Scot removed his makeup and spoke with the students about his personal struggle to express himself. Ask a sixth-grader what he or she took away from this expressive show.


Sweet Treats. Time to Play. Bubbles. Bouncing. Games. A Brave, Spirited Principal. Many thanks to everyone who attended the Sept. 7 PTO Ice Cream Social at Cole School! It was a terrific family event. We can’t thank Mr. Middleton-Cox enough for having fun being “dunked.” And we couldn’t have done it without our dedicated team of volunteers who set up, checked-in, scooped and topped to everyone’s delight. And then cleaned up the happy, sticky mess. You are super, double-scoop appreciated. With whipped cream and a cherry on top. Funds raised at this event go toward our Curriculum Enrichment, Teacher Wishes and Community Programming. Thank you!