Welcome to our blog! This blog site works in tandem with our main website: www.boxfordpto.org.

The main website is for “functional” needs: descriptions, your account, directory info, calendar, payment, tickets, events, volunteering, managing app alerts and email blasts, etc.

This blog is focused on what we call the “feel-good” aspects of our organization~ such as photos of the delightful ways our funds impact our children through curriculum enrichment and teacher wishes.

To give a gift of support please visit www.boxfordpto.org and use the LOG IN link to access your account.

And please feel free to remind your child to give you a big, snuggly “thank you” hug when he/she comes home raving about a cool PTO-funded program, speaker, tool or activity. You deserve it!

Here is a short movie showing what we are all about. The programs and events shown are from the 2016-2017 school year. We are showing our new video at the Parent Open Houses first, before posting here. Thank you!